a business process management framework

with full development capabilities...

About MaruBPM Key Components

About MaruBPM

MaruBPM is a Business Process Management framework designed by ask-4 Business Solutions for organisations who want to automate and manage their Business Processes.

MaruBPM solutions are designed to be intelligent, flexible, responsive and can integrate existing data and systems with people across and beyond the organisation.

MaruBPM balances the advantages of traditional BPM and allows developers to programme endless functions and features that are user-friendly, highly functional and meet any challenging business requirements.

Built using modern languages, the MaruBPM framework places the power of development in the hands of the developers. Its user interface is 100 percent customisable and can be tailored to suit any organisational branding.

With MaruBPM, seeing is believing!

Key Components

Landing Page

Designed with the user in mind, the landing page provides easy navigation between business functions with the ability to drill down to appropriate business solutions.

The landing page within MaruBPM is 100 percent customisable and can be tailored to suit any organisational branding and meet business requirements.


MaruBPM Forms are designed to capture information associated with a specific process flow and can either be derived from an automatic calculation or manually entered by a user.

Simple forms can easily be developed from within the MaruBPM framework. Complex forms can be created using IDEs, such as Visual Studio with embedded custom functionality, and can then be imported into the MaruBPM framework.

With MaruBPM, develop forms without boundaries!


Process Flows are designed from within the MaruBPM framework and are made up of ‘States’ and ‘Actions’.

A state represents a stopping point in the flow where an individual or a group of people (users) need to acknowledge, fill in and/or take different actions on a request.

Process Flows define the route and behaviour of a task as it flows through a business process from initiation through to completion.

Streamline your flows to improve operational efficiency!


MaruBPM comes with a user-friendly, highly functional Task list. Tasks are assigned to an individual or groups of people through the use of ‘Roles’ and ‘Groups’.

Different Tasks from within the Task list can be filtered and searched for using 'key words' to improve speed and provide additional flexibility.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups to enhance working collaboration!


Individuals or groups of people are able to Action their tasks, attach documents, add notes, and move work items throughout the flow from initiation through to completion.

Actions performed within MaruBPM automatically capture and provide a real time audit trail of who did what, why, and when.

Actions can be performed by individuals, groups of people or can be system driven.


MaruBPM Reporting provides the ability to export data into Microsoft Excel for specific solutions within a specified date range.

Alternatively through the use of dynamic reporting, authorised users can drill down using visual charts from a ‘high level solution overview' through to ‘individual tasks’.

Make your data work for you through MaruBPM Reporting!


The MaruBPM framework has built in designers for the development of Forms, Flows, Tasks, Actions and Reporting.

Furthermore through the use of IDEs, such as Visual Studio, developers can extend the forms functionality, create endless Integrations and meet ‘any’ business requirement without boundaries.

MaruBPM balances the advantages of traditional BPM and allows developers to programme endless functions and features.

With MaruBPM, build without limitations and Improve your ROI.