Different modules to suit your needs


Using the MaruBPM framework, ask-4 Business Solutions Limited have developed several modules and standalone applications that combine years of vertical expertise and technical knowledge to kick start and showcase how MaruBPM can be used within your organisation.

Emergency Services Portal

MaruBPM - ESP is an Emergency Services Portal with highly functional, prebuilt Business Process Solutions that are designed to be intelligent, flexible and responsive. The solutions can integrate existing data and systems with people across fire services and beyond.

MaruBPM - ESP has a number of pre-built solutions, all with the ability to add and view notes / attachments, and an audit trail capturing information about who did what, why and when within the solution. In addition, email notifications can be sent at key stages from within the solution.

When designing MaruBPM – ESP, two factors were carefully considered; ‘keep it simple’ and ’remember, it's all about people’.

Prebuilt Solutions

Listed below are examples of Prebuilt solutions that can easily and quickly be tailored to suit your service requirements:

  • Hydrant Management
  • Building Defects
  • Near Miss
  • Accident Reporting
  • Customer Interaction
  • Post Management
  • Management Reporting

Bespoke Solutions

Listed below are examples of Bespoke solutions that demonstrate custom functionality and can easily and quickly be tailored to suit your Service requirements:

  • Debrief Management - Major, Minor, JESIP
  • Station Inspections
  • Risk Assessments
  • Survey Management
  • Retained Payments
  • Customised Reporting

Landing Page

After conducting market research, it was found that Emergency Services personnel prefer ‘clear instructions’ and a ‘simple navigation’. With that in mind, the landing page for ESP has been designed for easy of navigation between business areas and clearly drill down to the appropriate business solutions.

The landing page is 100 percent customisable to suit your service requirements.


MaruBPM ESP comes with a user-friendly, highly functional Task list. Tasks are assigned to individuals through the use of roles and groups. For example, a Station Manager can only perform tasks assigned to that individual role. Fire-fighters can be assigned to a group and can perform the necessary tasks assigned to that group.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups, both internal or external, to enhance work collaboration!


MaruBPM Reporting provides the ability to export data into Microsoft Excel for specific solutions within a specified date range. For example, export all 'Building Defect' tasks between 1st January 2020 and 31st March 2020. Once the data has been extracted, appropriate users can create endless reports.

Alternatively, through the use of dynamic reporting, authorised users can drill down using visual charts from a ‘high-level solution overview’ through to ‘individual tasks’.

Bad Orange


In the ‘State of Fire & Rescue’ annual assessment 2019, Sir Thomas Winsor, Chief Inspector of HMICFRS, announced that although varied between services, 24% of FRS staff reported feeling bullied or harassed at work, with the number rising to 46% at one service in the past 12 months!

It also mentioned that “The fire sector refers to itself as humanitarian, yet fire-fighters in some services don’t treat their colleagues with enough humanity”. This is clearly unacceptable.

ask-4 Business Solutions have developed an online and automated confidential reporting solution called ‘Bad Orange’. Bad Orange can be deployed as part of MaruBPM ESP or as a standalone application and comes equipped with external page links that can be embedded within your intranet or external website.

It allows staff members to either share their contact details or remain anonymous without disclosing their identity when reporting an incident or raising a concern for many categories such as bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

These categories can be tailored to suit your service requirements as Bad Orange is 100 percent customisable, highly functional, and user-friendly and accommodates both data export and dynamic reporting. Bad Orange allows for two-way communication between an Investigating Officer and someone who does not want to disclose their identity.

For an online demonstration, please email BadOrange@ask-4.co.uk.

SIRA – Station Inspections, Risk Assessments


Every Fire and Rescue Service across the UK, experiences difficulties in complying with the demanding health and safety regulations.

SIRA, built using the MaruBPM framework, is an automated solution that allows for seamless communication between the Health & Safety department and Station Managers responsible for their individual stations across a Region by following pre-defined business rules.

Within SIRA, Health & Safety can initiate either individual or multiple Station inspections and have access to a questions bank so that each section can be tailored. A graphical, user-friendly, highly functioning dashboard is available for Station Managers who need to complete each section of the electronic form with the relevant questions set by Health & Safety. Health and Safety can monitor the progress of each station inspection until complete.

Risk Assessments, usually triggered after a Station Inspection, evaluate various facilities for hazards, evaluation of accident risks / potential severity and captures the measures that need to be taken to minimise the probability of such incidents / risks.

Once completed, these are monitored by Health & Safety and help adhere towards their Compliance polices.

For an online demonstration, please email SIRA@ask-4.co.uk.

Survey to Explore


Organisations of all sizes, have and always will, need to send out internal / external surveys so that they can gather feedback on a variety of topics. Surveys are a great way of gathering hard data to improve customer relationships, expand business opportunities, refine practices, reward top performers, improve marketing activities, and even recruit new talent.

MaruBPM S2E, Survey to Explore, is a fully automated standalone survey management solution where:

  • Surveys can effortlessly be sent out, managed and reported on

  • Key users can tailor survey questions to suit business requirements

  • Automated email notifications are sent to complete surveys

  • On survey completion, scores are calculated and overall ratings are presented

  • The built in ‘data export’ and dynamic reporting tools help identify trends and provide suitable management feedback; graphically

S2E provides organisations with the ability to effectively design, manage and complete Surveys in an effective, efficient and timely manner and ensures consistency, auditability and significantly improved turnaround times; thus reducing costs.

For an online demonstration, please email S2E@ask-4.co.uk

frsd - Debrief Management System


Constant improvement based on work experiences in Emergency Services is vital. What worked? What didn’t? What did we learn, and how can we do things better? All such measures help improve and inevitably save lives.

frsD is an online, automated Debrief Management System that allows appropriate personnel to raise either a Minor, Major, or JESIP Debrief. All debrief tasks follow a similar path however depending on the selected Debrief type, different parts of the form is made available ensuring all vital data is captured before submission into the Debrief process. For example:

  • Capturing internal/external contributor feedback if Major or JESIP

  • Allocate issues/recommendations if Minor

  • Publish Debriefs after sanitisation of data to comply with legislations

Rich Features:

  • Fully automated Debrief solution from start to finish

  • Key words association / management {i.e. Cobra, Storm}

  • Task assignment/monitoring; issues/Recommendations

  • Published Debrief reports after sanitisation

  • Debrief searches

  • Management reporting