about MaruBPM

Built and designed by ask-4 Business Solutions Limited; MaruBPM is a Business Process Management framework designed for organisations who want to rapidly develop and deploy e-business solutions to manage their Business Processes.

  • MaruBPM solutions are designed to be intelligent, flexible and responsive and can integrate existing data and systems with people across and beyond the organisation.

  • MaruBPM balances the advantages and disadvantages of other industry leading BPM Platforms and traditional code development with the purpose of achieving user-friendly, highly functional Business Solutions, aimed at improving process efficiency, increased staff motivation and overall customer satisfaction thus reducing cost.

  • MaruBPM is built using modern up to date technologies and places the power of development in the hands of developers as it comes with documented source code making it 100% customizable to suit your organizational branding.

Simple solutions are rapid; Complex solutions can be developed without boundaries ensuring endless integrations with external systems to achieve maximum value in building a functional, robust solution.