emergency services portal

MaruBPM - ESP is an Emergency Services Portal with pre-built user-friendly, highly functional Business Process Solutions that are designed to be intelligent, flexible and responsive. The solutions can integrate existing data and systems with people across the Fire services and beyond.

Each solution within MaruBPM - ESP comes standard with the ability to Add Notes, View Notes, Audit Trail capturing information about who did what, why and when within the solution. In addition each solution allows for the addition of Attachments and sending of email notifications at key stages within the solution.

ask-4 Business Solutions have carefully designed MaruBPM - ESP with two key factors; Keep it simple and remember - it's all about people.

Below are the solutions included within MaruBPM - ESP (click each solution for more detail):


Fire and Rescue services learn from every single incident, identifying and complementing strengths, addressing potential improvements and ensuring a safe working system / environment. However the main issues that Fire and Rescue services face is lack of time and the diverse locations of personnel therefore gathering information can become tedious, time consuming and costly.

The Debrief solution within MaruBPM - ESP allows for appropriate users to raise either a Major / Minor / JESIP debrief depending on influencing factors i.e. number of appliances used and incident types for example training or collaborations.

The Debrief solution is designed to capture issues and recommendations for Minor debriefs whilst internal and/or external contributions with feedback for both Major or JESIP debriefs. Special DMT meetings can be arranged and based on the outcome, sub tasks can be allocated to relevant personnel. Key words can be added and later used to perform searches for past Debriefs i.e. COBRA. Finally once all of the data is sanitized, the Debrief is automatically concatenated into one report which is then available for publishing if required.

The Debrief solution provides Fire & Rescue Services with the ability to effectively gather, filter and manage Debrief tasks in an effective, efficient and timely manner and ensures consistency, auditability and significantly improves processing times.

Station Inspections

With many Fire and Rescue stations scattered across a region, it is important that stations undergo regular inspections in order to ensure a safe working environment for staff and visiting personnel.

Within the Station Inspection solution, Health and Safety have the option of raising either an Individual Station Inspection or Multiple Inspections across their Region. Upon submission, Station Managers responsible for the respective stations, receive an automated task where they are required to answer questions related to 20 different areas. The questions inside each area can be modified by Health & Safety through the use of a Questions Bank Administration form.

The robust, user friendly solution boasts a colour coded grid that allows the Station Managers to easily track and view progress at a high level with ability to drill down and view finer details and the questions.

After all areas have been completed, the inspection is returned to Health & Safety for review. Where actions are necessary, suitable tasks can be assigned to internal personnel or external contractors before the inspection is marked as complete and archived.

The Station Inspections solution provides services with the ability to effectively gather, filter and manage Station Inspection tasks in an efficient and timely manner. The solution ensures consistency, auditability and significantly improved processing times.

Risk Assessment

Organisations need to ensure they keep on top of potential hazards around the station / work place. Identifying potential dangers early on can minimise the likelihood and severity of incidents.

The Risk Assessment solution allows a new task to be raised for a specific station. This is usually initiated after a Station Inspection however can be initiated whenever required by Health & Safety.

A Risk Assessment task is sent to a Station Manager for them to evaluate and record any hazards, evaluate accident risks and associated potential severity (this is done using a specially designed ranking system) and take appropriate measures to minimise the probability of these incidents.

Once all topics have been answered and completed, the task is forwarded to Health & Safety to review and take the necessary steps before the Assessment task is archived.

The Risk Assessment solution provides Fire and Rescue services with the capability to effectively gather, filter and manage potential risks within a station in an efficient and timely manner.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Survey

There is a greater emphasis placed on understanding how cultures differ and the impact of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within your business environment. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace benefits ALL companies in ALL sectors. Benefits include adding new experiences and skills into teams, promoting innovation and creating a more positive working relationship.

The EDI Survey, built using the MaruBPM framework, is an online, simple, and easy to complete solution. It allows individuals within your organization to answer questions and provide feedback on their views on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. The survey contains a number of questions where each question / answer is weighted with points.

Once all questions are completed and submitted, a ‘Total Score’ is calculated and presented to the individual. The ‘Total Score’ shows how they are doing in terms of EDI and gives them an overall rating of ‘Excellent,’ ‘OK,’ ‘Needs Improvement’ or ‘Needs Immediate Attention’. In addition, the user that completed the survey and the EDI Officer receive an additional email containing an attached document of their completed survey and suitable actions for their records.

The EDI Officer can view all surveys at a higher level through the use of the ‘EDI Reporting Tool’ and has the option to view all individuals’ survey answers, with a clear breakdown of their respective EDI rating and the ability to drill down into individuals responses.

Mobile Communication Device

Given the significance of work mobile phones in the Emergency Services industry and how many individuals own one, it can be difficult to find an efficient and effective way to manage / track these devices, especially when there are various company policies to adhere to.

The Mobile Communication Device (MCD) solution within MaruBPM - ESP allows a user to raise a new task when they wish to request an MCD. After completing the initial details, including why they want the device, the task is automatically routed to IT support for them to review and perform appropriate actions.

Once the device has been collected, IT support can confirm that the requester now has received the device and that the device has been activated before completing the task. An audit of which user has what device is maintained.

Post Management

In our modern world, the business environment is constantly changing and organisations are forced to adapt rapidly. As a consequence staff responsibilities change very often and therefore more and more companies have a need for managing posts.

The MaruBPM - ESP Post Management solution allows for the creation, amendment and deletion of redundant posts in a streamlined way.

  • The business user can submit an electronic form that captures all necessary details about a particular post
  • The form is directed to relevant management members for approvals and authorisation
  • Once the request is authorised - relevant team members perform the necessary tasks (if identified)
  • Finally, the request is sent to the HR department to finalize

The process is fully audited and captures who did what, why and when.

Hydrant Defect / Inspections

Within MaruBPM - ESP, there are two solutions:

  • Hydrant Inspections available to the Water Officer
  • Hydrant Defects available to all Fire personnel

With Hydrant Inspections, the Water Officer is able to disseminate a list of Hydrants through an electronic form to Station Managers to act upon within a given timeframe. The Station Manager is able to further breakdown this list based on Crew / Watch and Shift so that Hydrants are inspected in a timely manner. Once inspections are complete and the data is recorded, feedback is provided to the Water Officer to review and action as necessary.

Where a Hydrant is noted to have a defect during an Inspection, a task is automatically created in the Hydrant Defect solution. Alternatively, Fire Personnel can initiate a Hydrant Defect when necessary.

The Water Officer is able to review the information and can either assign a Technician to further investigate the defect and if necessary raise the priority with an appropriate water authority to action to resolution.

Both the Hydrant Inspection / Defect solutions provide an efficient way to gather information regarding Hydrants in a cost effective and timely manner. Both solutions are designed to be efficient and ensure consistency, auditability, and reporting as well as increasing operational efficiency.

RPS (Retained Pay System)

Managing payments for retained duty fire fighters is a challenging and complicated task due to the inconsistency, differences, and specifics of the jobs that personnel have to undertake on a daily basis. Quite often this may lead to disputes and delays in payment.

The MaruBPM Retained Payment (RPS) solution provides Fire & Rescue Services with the ability to manage and organise payments in a simple but efficient manner. The RPS solution has three main steps:

  • Data capture - Incident details, attendee details including hours worked
  • Confirmation - automatically routed to each attendee to confirm hours or resolve disputes
  • Payroll - Agreed hours are sent the payroll team

The Payroll team can produce an Excel report that can be filtered using a date range which in turn ensures employees are paid in a timely manner

In addition, management have the ability to configure pay grades, employee's business roles and other relevant details through the use of administration forms, providing flexibility to the solution in a rapidly changing operational environment.

Accident Reporting

Reporting accidents promptly allows for Health and Safety to quickly manage and deal with an incident and take appropriate actions.

The MaruBPM - ESP Accident Reporting solution allows any member of staff in an organisation to report accidents as soon as they have occurred. Upon capturing the initial details, the user is able to select whether they are raising the Accident Report for themselves or on behalf of another individual along with details regarding the accident itself.

On submission, the Task is sent to Health & Safety where they can take necessary next steps.

The Accident Reporting solution is fully audited and captures who did what, why and when.

Near Miss

It is important that Health and Safety establish and implement a system that identifies and reports hazards, as well as reducing / removing the risk in order to prevent harmful incidents.

The MaruBPM - ESP Near Miss solution allows all personnel within Fire & Rescue to submit details about potential incidents that could cause injury. The online solution is easy to use and allows for rapid investigations and appropriate actions to be taken.

The user is required to complete as much information as possible relating to a Near Miss including selecting an Investigating Officer from a predefined dropdown list of Investigating Officers. The Investigating Officer is able to review the information before conducting their own investigation and take the necessary actions to prevent an incident from occurring.

Once complete, the task is sent to Health & Safety to review the information and they have the option to either return the task back to the Investigating Officer for further clarification, reassign the task to a different Investigating Officer, or can make conclusions and take any further actions as necessary before archiving the Near Miss task.

Customer Interaction

The Customer Interaction solution within MaruBPM: ESP permits users to raise a request for GDPR or Freedom of Information (FOI) on behalf of a member of the public.

Initially, the Requester’s details are captured before specifying the type of Request (GDPR or FOI) as well as capturing other vital details. Once all the information has been gathered, the request can be submitted and automatically routed to appropriate personnel who can claim ownership and add it to their working list.

At this point, they are able to review the information before deciding on how to best proceed with fulfilling the request. In addition, they have the ability to temporarily put the Task on hold if necessary. Once the work is authorised and completed, the Task is sent for review, where Management can decide whether the work has been completed correctly or whether further work is required.

Building Defects

Ensuring the safety of employees and visitors will always be a priority for Fire and Rescue services, Defects around the workplace should be reported as soon as possible and addressed with a sense of urgency in order to avoid accidents and / or further damages.

With the Building Defects solution inside MaruBPM: ESP, users are able to raise a Building Defect capturing as much detail as possible including a priority (Urgent, Routine, and Improvement).

Once details have been captured and submitted, a Reviewer is able to assess the information and take appropriate actions. If necessary they can appoint third party contractors to resolve any such defect.

FOB Requests

The FOB (Frequency Operated Button) Management solution, allows IT personnel to add / remove access for a certain employee FOBS depending the circumstances i.e. new employee in the organisation or existing employee changing roles within the organisation.

A FOB task can be created by any user with access to MaruBPM - ESP. The requester has the option to select whether they are raising the FOB Request for themselves or on behalf of another user.

Once appropriate details about the FOB Request are completed, the Task is sent to IT where a Technician can claim the Task, view the information about the FOB Request and take necessary actions until appropriate access has been approved by Management and added to the FOB.


The MaruBPM: ESP Helpdesk solution allows for submissions of support requests and tasks can be assigned to the relevant technicians based on the nature of the issue. The IT Support team are able to take ownership of the call, solve the issue and close the call.

The MaruBPM user interface provides users with the ability to view and manage their workload through the use of a ‘Task List’, where each support request can then be assessed and dealt with upon its individual needs. Throughout the solution, a full audit trail is maintained capturing details allowing visibility of who did what, when and why.

The Helpdesk solution within MaruBPM: ESP provides organisations with the ability to effectively gather, filter and sort out support requests in an efficient and timely manner. The Helpdesk solution is an online, efficient and robust process that ensures consistency, auditability and improved process times.

Change Management

The Change Management solution in MaruBPM: ESP implements the best practises for Change Management which will enable any business to gain control by tracking all changes, applying a defined and repeatable change process, ensuring visibility and enforcing authorisation and compliance.

Initially, the creator captures the high level, important details of the change request before submitting for authorisation. After the change has been authorised, any concerns that have been raised are addressed by the reviewer before the change awaits implementation. Once the change is then made on the implementation date, it is reviewed / tested / evaluated once more before archiving the task.

Suggestion System

Suggestions are a form of employee-to-management communication that benefits employees as well as the organisation as a whole. They provide a two-way channel of communication between employees and management, with management accepting or rejecting employee suggestions and in some cases commenting on them.

The Suggestion System within MaruBPM - ESP allows a member of staff to 'make a suggestion' specifying a high-level subject and description which upon submission is routed to the Line Manager who has the option to APPROVE sending it to HR; Archive the suggestion or send it back to the employee for further clarification and possibly put together a more detailed business plan.

The solution has built in Audits capturing the nature of the suggestion, who raised it along with its status on where it is in terms of progression.

Event Planning

Conferences, road shows or any other events allows Emergency Service organisations to raise awareness, share important updates and educate members of the public regarding fire safety and hazards. Organising such events requires planning, resource, approvals and of course budgets.

Within the MaruBPM - ESP Event Planning solution, the user can create a new task for Event Planning where they can enter information including Event Start / End date and time, Event location, Reason for the Event, Budget and the expected number of guests. In addition information on how the success of the event will be measured. Once all the details has been entered, the task is submitted for approval to relevant personnel based on pre-defined roles / rules.

The Approver (reviewer) has a number of options including 'Approve' and 'Reject'. If the request is approved, the task is automatically routed to Senior Management for authorization. If the request is rejected then it is routed back to the requester with a reason.

Once the event is approved the organiser can proceed with the appropriate preparations.

Management Reporting

Within MaruBPM: ESP Management Reporting we provide two different approaches:

  • Authorised personnel can select a specific solution within MaruBPM: ESP (for example Debriefs), and select a date range to export data. At the click of a button, an EXCEL spreadsheet is generated with RAW data from the solution for the specified data range. The raw data can then be used to produce infinite types of graphs, tables etc... to meet the organisational requirements

  • Alternatively, they can use the built in Dynamic Reporting module to drill down using charts to navigate to required data sets. This provides them with a graphical high level view of all MaruBPM: ESP solutions (Tasks in Progress; Tasks completed) for each solution. On clicking the chart they are able to drill down further to see a breakdown down of individual Tasks right the way down to a full audit trail of who did what, what and when